How to lose weight easily and without diets

As a wedding, vacation, important meeting or other event approaches, most women embrace the desire to prepare properly in order to enjoy every minute, to please and delight others with a beautiful view and good mood. The preparation checklist often includes the element of weight loss. The desire is commendable and understandable, but what if the big day is only a month away? Many are afraid of diets, have their own or look at someone else's bad experience. They say I want to, but I don't believe there is a way to really lose weight without dieting in a month.

It won't be difficult to lose 2-3 kilos that make the fit of your favorite clothes too tight. But if the excess amounts to ten kilograms, you should not torment yourself with the inevitable hunger, a companion of diets, poisoning the expectation of a joyful event. After all, everything lost with such difficulty will definitely return, taking a few more kilograms.

The only advantage of low-calorie diets is the quick first result, which motivates you to consolidate success and continue working on yourself. Seeing the first result, I want to lose more weight. There are many more disadvantages of diets:

  • return of lost centimeters and kilograms;
  • disturbed metabolism;
  • depression;
  • deterioration of appearance and well-being.

The first and main enemy of a slim figure is lack of time. If a woman does not have enough time for herself, it is very difficult for her to lose weight, be slim and beautiful.

Having made a decision: I want to lose weight, choosing the time to focus on reality, we need to analyze at what moments the weight easily left and what provoked its increase, how easy it was to lose weight without diets:

  • lack of sleep;
  • vacation;
  • conflicts at work or at home;
  • depression;
  • joyful events;
  • frequent meetings with friends.

Your observations should be recorded, for this they are suitable:

  • notebook or notebook can be called I want to lose weight without diets;
  • e-Journal;
  • print edition, a guide for those who want to lose weight easily with tips on sports and nutrition, free login pages.

One month is too short to go 2-3 sizes smaller. But it is enough to understand yourself, to acquire a few useful habits.

healthy lifestyle for weight loss

For a small build without diets within the same size, it is enough to adjust a few habits. For example, do not eat after seven in the evening and take walks before going to bed every other day; walk to work, buy a car from the gym or sign up for a pool. In order not to turn the increased load into a trap that provokes appetite, you will have to count calories. Many sites offer to use a special calculator to calculate your own calorie needs, taking into account age, weight and height, the nature of daily activities.

To lose weight without dieting, you need to create a small calorie deficit. This means that you can eat anything, but within the daily corridor, minus the deficit. Two points are important.

  1. Anything is possible. This means healthy food containing proteins, fats and carbohydrates - cereals, meat, fish, dairy products, desserts in the form of jelly, dark chocolate and dried fruits. If you include chips, sweet sodas, cakes and candies in the menu, they will absorb a third of the daily calories. Then one of the meals will be "hungry", hunger provokes overeating and collapse. You only need to last one month of healthy eating.
  2. The deficit that ensures weight loss should be no more than a fifth of the daily calorie content. If you reduce it more, the metabolism will slow down, weight will stop decreasing on a fasting diet. The result will be depression and relapse. And there is no time for breakdowns - there is only a month.

Lose 5 pounds or more

The task is unrealistic for a sane woman. Her choice should be to rethink her attitude to food and her health, to bet on healthy habits and to focus on a mandatory but not quick result.

The main advice given by experienced losers is: don't take someone's words as dogma, try to listen to yourself. Everyone is responsible for the health and condition of their body and chooses which rules to follow in order to lose weight or not.

General rules that work in most cases, but they can also be adjusted

  1. Do not be afraid of carbohydrates, they cannot be excluded from the menu. Milk porridge, bananas, grapes, butter eaten for breakfast ensure satiety, brain nourishment and enough energy for housework, work or study. The feeling of pleasure from eating improves mood.
  2. The average daily diet for a woman is 2000 calories. It is distributed as follows: 40-60% – carbohydrates; 20-30 - fat; 10-30 - proteins. The balance of essential nutrients is the nutrition of centenarians.
  3. Meals should never be skipped. Calories not taken in time lead to hunger and inevitable overeating.

American nutritionists give interesting advice to their clients. By sticking to a mild calorie deficit diet, once you reach your desired weight, lose a few more pounds. Then, by starting to eat at a normal calorie content, put back the extra two pounds you lost. This will give the person coming off the diet a smoother and healthier look.

To lose weight without diets, you have to go a long way, on which there will be weight loss stops (plateau), you must be prepared for them and not demand too much from the body. The way to lose weight without diets is good because the body is not afraid of hunger, there are no crashes that reduce the result. It will take time to establish the right routine. But then he will help you live and lose weight.